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Published: 07th April 2011
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A place a steel warehouse fire, fire brigade hours after struggling to put out the fire, two large steel beams falling from a height loss of intensity. Such case has sparked the attention of steel building fire.

China Reform and opening up Since, with the substantial increase in steel production, the rapid development of steel construction, steel structure fire with people Fire retardant coating Awareness of the existence of two errors: First, that the steel is reinforced steel frame, not afraid of fire, neglect prevention; second is that the painted steel structure fire retardant coating, sure, burn it up. In fact, only delay the time of fire retardant coating, can be evacuation, fire fighting, to prevent Collapse Is not no burning, burning is not bad.

Steel is a high-temperature-sensitive material, its strength and deformation would change with the rise of temperature change drastically. Ordinary construction steel, to 500 , the intensity decreased to 40% to 50%; to 600 , its capacity is almost completely lost. Generally not coated fire retardant coating (bare) steel fire resistance of only 10 to 20 minutes, in the event Fire The building quickly collapsed, causing Disaster Of accidents on people's lives and property caused serious losses. Therefore, steel fire protection measures must be taken so that personnel can evacuate in time, to reduce steel damage in the fire, the fire resistance (1 to 2 hours) struggling to put out the fire, to avoid the steel in the fire caused by partial or total collapse casualties and property losses.

Fire is the most important steel works, design and production to implement the relevant standards, such as GB14907-2000 "fireproof coatings", GB50205-2001 "Steel Construction Quality Acceptance", GB50016-2005 "building fire protection design ", GB50045-95" fire protection design of tall buildings ", CECS24-90" Steel Structural Applications Technology Specification ", DG/TJ08-008-2000" Technical Specification for steel structure fire "and so on.

Choose fireproof coatings supply unit must have the following essential documents: the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Fire building materials and effective inspection reports issued; Ministry of Public Security Assessment Center Fire protection products issued by product type approval certificate valid; The People's Republic of China building Fire Department issued the issuing authority facilities engineering contractor certificate; issued by the local construction administration Safety Permit.

Fireproof coatings selection rules: permanent high-level fire protection, and multi-storey steel structure, when the provisions of the fire resistance of 1.5 hours or more may make use of non-intumescent fireproof coatings; indoor exposed steel structure, light house covered with decorative steel and steel required, when the provisions of its fire resistance in the 1.5 hours the following may make use of ultra-thin, thin coating fire protection coating for steel structure; open steel structure, should be used for outdoor use fireproof coatings, use The varieties of fire retardant paint outdoors at least one year pilot project after the test, no significant changes in coating properties; fire resistance required more than 1.5 hours and outdoor use should not use the thin coated steel structure fireproof paint.

On ultra-thin, thin coating fire retardant paint coating in a fire after construction expansion foam can be spot checks of the situation, provided the flame torch light just touch the surface coating, burner flame should be burning 15 minutes on the vertical surface coating to observe the state of coated foam, thin foam coating thickness should be more than 10 times the coating thickness, thin foam coating thickness should be 5 times the coating thickness.

Fireproof coatings, according to the thickness is divided into three categories: ultra-thin fireproof coatings, coating thickness is less than or equal to 3 mm; thin coated steel structure fireproof paint, coating thickness greater than 3 mm, and smaller than or equal to 7 mm; thick coated steel structure fireproof paint, coating thickness of greater than 7 mm, and less than or equal to 45 mm.

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